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Open Call for 16 MSCA Postdoc Fellows in Blood Disorders (first deadline May, 7th 23)

Our Cellular Systems Genomics Group at the Josep Carreras Research Institute is looking for 2 postdoc candidates of a MSCA fellowship!

If you are interested in Single-Cell Genomics, Immunotherapy, Machine Learning and their application to Personalized Medicine in Multiple Myeloma, please, get in touch with us at

What do we look for?

The ideal candidate is eligible for a MSCA individual fellowship and has the following characteristics:

- PhD in Computational Biology, Genomics or any similar field with strong analytical, statistical modelling and programming skills.

- Previous experience to develop computational methods with applications in biology.

- Background in immunology.

- Good communication skills.

- Published research in international peer reviewed journals.

- A high level of motivation and interest in biology research.

- Previous experience in single-cell and/or spatial genomics is a plus.

More information can also be found here.

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