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Cellular Systems Genomics Lab

We strive to offer optimized analytical frameworks and creative uses of single-cell genomics to fight chronic diseases.
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In the interface between genomics, digital pathology and artificial intelligence our


goal is to define the cellular organization of complex tissues in health and diseases, particularly in the


context of autoimmunity and other chronic diseases.

By combining cutting edge technologies with machine learning, we enable the spatially resolved


molecular profiling of tissues at the highest resolution, facilitating the identification of key


regulatory mechanisms driving heterogeneity in cellular identity


and function.

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Latest Publications

A Single-Cell Tumor Immune Atlas for Precision Oncology

The tumor immune microenvironment is a main contributor to cancer progression and a promising therapeutic target for oncology. However, immune microenvironments vary profoundly between patients and biomarkers for prognosis and treatment response lack precision. A comprehensive compendium of tumor immune cells is required to pinpoint predictive cellular states and their spatial localization.

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